Unlike other portals, First Investment Partners primary focus is on businesses that have solid business models  - we do not target specific market areas or industries. Although this opens up our portal to a broad audience of companies seeking investment, we quickly narrow the opportunities down based upon two sets of criteria – 1) the businesses can provide adequate information to the prospective investor to help them fully understand the opportunity and make an educated investment decision  (this includes a solid business plan, detailed financial projections, and a variety of other key components that in our experience are mandatory to properly start and grow a business), and 2) those that can comply with the new state statute’s requirements.


These requirements include:

  • Both the business and investors must be based in the State of Minnesota and willing to sign a     representation of such.

  • The maximum investment amount in any opportunity is $10,000. The business will dictate the minimum amount they will except and investment increments. Many opportunities accept as little as $1000 to $2000 as a starting investment. See Current Offerings for details.

  • The investor may invest in multiple opportunities.

  • Credit cards may not be used to make investments – funds are typically sent via check or wire transfer.

  • The maximum a company may raise is $1,000,000 (or up to $2,000,000 if they can meet specific audited     historical requirements).


For a detailed overview of the actual state regulations click here.


If your business needs funding, can meet these requirements and you wish to further pursue working with us to fund your business please complete the Contact Us form and an FIP representative will contact you shortly.